They do what you do!

2024 is here! Have you thought about any resolutions for a greener year and a greener you?

Whatever it is you try and do for a greener life, be sure to include your children. They indeed copy what we do and hardly ever do what we say ;-). Here are a few tips to keep it fun. 

Winning gold! 

If you live in an area where you need to sort your recycling into separate bins, make a fun game of it! Have a recycle Olympics competition; how fast can the paper be sorted, how many pieces of plastic can be counted, how many tins can be thrown into the bins? 

Don’t forget to big up the super recyclable items, like glass and aluminum, and put down single-use plastics! booo. 

Stay on Vouge  

For older children who are becoming more self-aware, tap into their creativity and energy by holding an upcycled clothing fashion show.

Bonus points for upcycling clothing items into other household items. This will emphasize and highlight how versatile textiles can be.  

Keep up the learning 

By infusing sustainability lessons into enjoyable activities, we not only educate our children but also inspire them to become stewards of the planet. Remember, every small effort counts, and the lessons learned through these eco-adventures will undoubtedly shape a future generation dedicated to making the world a greener and more sustainable place.

Steph X