Why Use our Children's Clothing Exchange in 2023?

Babyhood often goes by in a flash, which is why it’s important to take plenty of pictures during this time. 


Because parents are often tired and overwhelmed, you want to do everything to remember this part of your child’s life in the future! 


This also means that babies outgrow their clothes extremely quickly. During the first three months in particular, babies typically experience rapid growth. On average, newborns gain about 1.5 to 2 pounds per month and grow around 1 to 1.5 inches in length. As a result, many parents end up with a large amount of unused and barely worn garments. 



This is especially true if you received many baby clothes as gifts or hand-me-downs from friends and family.  Although these are thoughtful gestures, it can also lead to you having too much clothing, much of which may go unused. 


A baby clothes swap service not only helps you get rid of excess clothing, it’s also much better for the environment. 


Baby clothes swaps are one of the best ways to reduce waste, save money and keep your little-one well clothed. 



Like with adult clothing, baby fashion trends also result in unnecessary purchases. However, even if you made a purchase you’ve regretted, there will be somebody out there who will love it. A swap is therefore a great way to stay on-trend.


Reduce your impact on the environment. 


Clothes wastage is just one of the problems which is putting huge pressure on the environment. Since kids outgrow their clothes, they tend to become waste much quicker. Not only that, baby clothing is often made of fabrics that are difficult to recycle, including mixed fibers or synthetic materials. 


Some parents like to choose neutral or classic styles that are easier to reuse for siblings or pass them onto others. 


Our online baby clothes swaps are easy to use. 


SwapC’s can also alert you to events in your local area where you can meet fellow, like-minded parents. Swapping your old baby clothes will give them a second life and help make parenthood easier and more affordable.


No matter if you’re looking for boys, girls or unisex clothing, we want to make the whole process a real pleasure. We cover clothing for children of all ages, from newborn babies through to toddlers and tweenies. 


SwapC’s looks to create an online and offline community that saves waste, money and time. 


Find out more about our baby clothes swap today.