Save Money And The Environment With Our Secondhand Kids Clothes

Fast fashion and a disposable culture has led to a proliferation of clothes which are manufactured quickly, but discarded just as rapidly. 

Just as we need to make the transition to green energy, we also need to look at reusing our clothes. 

Like adult’s clothes, children’s clothing has a big impact on the environment. However, since kids tend to outgrow clothing quickly, they’re used for much less time than ours are. This leads to increased production, overconsumption and, in the end, more waste.

Many of us become addicted to fast fashion, taking pleasure in picking up pieces from the supermarket. There’s no shortage of cheap kids’ clothing on the market. With the cost of living crisis, however, many of us are looking to tighten our belts further. Our wardrobe is a great place to start. 

How does clothes affect the environment?


Producing textiles, particularly cotton, involves significant amounts of pesticides. Furthermore, many children’s clothes are made from synthetic materials which come from non-renewable resources and these don’t biodegrade easily. And when they do, they shed microplastics which enter water and cause harm to aquatic life. The impact on the ocean is simply shocking.

The dyeing process in clothing production also uses chemicals that are bad for the environment. Another factor to consider is the gas emission that occurs from transportation. The manufacturing process for new clothes also includes a substantial amount of energy.

Although many people are knowledgeable about the impact of vehicles and plastic, it’s easy to overlook clothes. 

By swapping your secondhand clothes, you can significantly reduce the amount of waste. 

Many of us have kids’ clothes which have never been worn.  By joining a secondhand clothes swap with other parents, you might be amazed by what you can find. Whether your children have outgrown their clothing or you’ve changed your mind regarding a particular piece of attire, SwapC’s runs a popular kids clothes swap. 

We can help you start saving money straight-away, so you have more available to treat your children this Christmas. 


By exchanging secondhand clothing, you can reduce the amount of waste in landfills. 

Children quickly need new sizes of clothes. This results in a significant amount of clothing waste, which can take hundreds of years to decompose in landfills. Along with using a clothes swap, it can help to take a more mindful approach. For instance, only buy what’s absolutely necessary and invest in higher quality items which last longer.

Join a growing movement towards secondhand clothing.

Increasing numbers of people across the UK are looking to use clothes exchanges. This has only increased thanks to the cost of living crisis.

Clothes swaps enable you to reduce the demand for production and extend the lifespan of clothing. Secondhand clothes are often in excellent condition and there’s something for all tastes and sizes.

You can also look to buy clothing made from more sustainable, eco-friendly clothing. Learning how to sew and repair your clothes will also extend their usefulness. 

Why use SwapC’s to find second hand clothes?

Free to join and easy to use, Swap C’s is passionate about reducing clothing waste. Since we specialise in children’s clothing, it’s easier to find exactly what you’re after. Fun to use, you can earn coins on our website, which can then be used on replacements. 

If you’re looking for secondhand kids’ clothes, find out more about SwapC’s.